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Repair or Replace Sewer Line?

If there’s anything that needs a quick response, it’s a damaged sewer line. The type of response to it, however, depends on the extent of the damage. While some cases may require a simple repair procedure, there are times when the damage may be too extensive and a full sewer line replacement is necessary.

As the premier name in sewer line repair in Trinity, FL, we’ve handled both approaches. Let’s take a look at the merits of each to help you identify which course of action you need to take.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer pipe line repair is ideal when the extent of damage is not too severe. For instance, repairs would be applicable when there are only minor issues such as cracks or holes in the pipes. Our trenchless pipe line repair will help you buy ten more years for your sewer. It is fast, efficient, clean, and durable.

Before we confirm that you need trenchless pipe lining, however, we will conduct a thorough camera inspection. For instance, it may be a clogged pipe or minor root infiltration that causes the cracks. Sewer repair services are a cheaper alternative to add more years to your system.

Sewer Line Replacement

There are instances in which a sewer line replacement can prove to be the more economical choice. You won’t end up having to spend too much on the system for repairs. Various problems such as tree root invasion can cause recurring issues. They can lead to permanent damage to the pipes, in which case it is more advisable to simply replace them.

New technology introduced high-quality PVC that is more durable than traditional iron cast or clay pipes. Meaning, replacing the sewer line will be a better option and you won’t have to worry about repairs for quite a long time.

The question of whether to replace or repair your sewer line depends on the nature and extent of the damage. When it is merely minor damage, you should opt for sewer pipe line repair as fast as possible to prevent further issues. However, when the damage is too severe, it would be better to go for pipe replacement.

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