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When thinking of home maintenance, sewer systems are often the last thing on a homeowner’s mind. However, it’s important to schedule regular cleanings for your plumbing, as problems with your system can cause significant damage to your home. In the event of a serious clog or sewage system backup, you’ll need the help of a licensed plumber in Melbourne, FL. We discuss the signs of a damaged sewer pipe today:

1. Sewer Blockages or Backups

Sewer blockages and backups typically occur around the lowest drain in the home. Even if your pipes haven’t backed up, a blockage can eventually lead to a sewage backup. If you’re experiencing a sewer back up, you’ll notice the smell of sewage, flooding around your property and basement. Handle a potential sewage backup by contacting professional sewer repair services in Melbourne, FL.

2. Clogged Drains

Another sign you may need sewer line replacement in Melbourne, FL is a drain that keeps clogging. If your kitchen sink, shower, toilet, or other drains constantly get plugged up, it’s likely there’s something blocking your sewer line.

Tom Shell Plumbing can take care of your clogged drain with sewer pipe line repair in Melbourne, FL. Our trenchless method allows us to quickly and efficiently provide the necessary repairs with minimal disturbances to your property. With proactive action, you’ll be able to prevent a further emergency from happening.

3. Trees Around the Property

While trees may not initially indicate a damaged sewer line, they can offer a clue on what the situation is inside your sewer pipes. If you have large, older trees on your property, it’s likely that they’ve made their way into your sewer pipes. A thorough camera inspection by our trained plumbers can help determine if you need to replace sewer line in Melbourne, FL.
Our experts at Tom Shell Plumbing are able to solve any plumbing emergency that you may face. Whether you have a simple plumbing problem or need sewer line repair in Melbourne, FL, we’ll be able to get the job done well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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