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Can you imagine being without hot water? Not being able to take a steamy shower or wash your clothes in a warm setting? Well, those things wouldn’t be possible without a functioning water heater. It’s important to pay attention to the signs that tell you you need repair. Here are the signs experts at Tom Shell Plumbing say you need to call a plumber in Port Richey, FL for water heater repair:

Water Heater Temperatures Are Inconsistent

As mentioned above, no one wants to deal with a cold shower or cold clothes coming out of the washer when they’re meant to be warm. A faulty water heater will cause these issues and preventative maintenance is the number one way to prevent them. That’s why it’s best to call a professional for water heater repair in Port Richey, FL as soon as you notice warning signs.

Unsettling Noises

Listen out for banging or clunking sounds coming from your water heater. Strange noises point to a need for water heater replacement in Port Richey, FL because this usually means that sediment has overwhelmed the tank. Sediment can also be referred to as ‘scale’, a hard and hazardous material that can impact the water in the home.

The Heater is Old or Constantly Breaking Down

Why waste money on a water heater that’s just going to continue to get worse? Those that have just moved into a home or are just moving out should consider getting a new tankless water heater in Port Richey, FL, especially if the unit has been there for a number of years. A replacement may cost a little more than you planned to spend, but it beats spending money on repairs every month because the water heater is too old to keep up with the home.

Cracking and Leaking

Cracking is more common with older water heaters since the constant use of heat can break down the interior and exterior of the tank over time. Leaking is a product of a cracked water heater and should be checked regularly to avoid dangerous issues. Discuss this with a professional during your water heater installation in Port Richey, FL.

If you’re in need of water heater services in Port Richey, FL, contact Tom Shell Plumbing today.

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