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An efficient tankless water heater is one that is routinely inspected and repaired when issues make themselves known. While a reliable plumber in Melbourne, FL is capable of solving water heater issues, experts at Tom Shell Plumbing recommend that homeowners do their part in practicing good maintenance. Read on to learn about how you can make that happen.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Rusty water, strange noises, and leakage around the water heater all point to signs that you need professional water heater repair in Melbourne, FL. By being attentive and prompt upon noticing these issues, you save money and prevent the damage from getting worse.

Replace a Faulty or Old Water Heater

The oldest parts of a plumbing system are prone to failure and can cause serious problems down the line. Your water heater will give you signs telling you whether or not it needs to be checked out. When you find yourself constantly scheduling repairs for your aging water heater, consider getting a water heater replacement in Melbourne, FL.

Flush to Remove Sediment

Your tankless water heater in Melbourne, FL needs to be flushed periodically to avoid sediment buildup. Sediment can accelerate wear and tear on your water heater and affect the quality of the water you use.

Adjust the Temperature

Lowering the temperature of the water increases safety, reduces utility costs, and prevents the breakdown of the water heater over time. Most people aren’t sure of what temperature to set it at, but you can always call a professional to guide you, as every household has different needs and plumbing systems. This is also a great thing to bring up to a professional during a water heater installation in Melbourne FL.

Tom Shell Plumbing experts are here to provide you with water heater services in Melbourne, FL. Contact us for more valuable information.

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