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Top Causes of Plumbing Problems

Tom Shell Plumbing, the go-to plumber in Tarpon Springs, FL, often responds to calls involving preventable plumbing problems. Many home and business owners only think about their plumbing when an emergency happens.

The following list covers the two top causes of plumbing problems that are quite preventable with regular inspections, maintenance, and a few habit changes.

Soap Residues and Debris

Several hand and body bar soaps that do a great job of cutting through skin oils don’t break down enough inside of pipes to wash completely away. Any type of soap that has a high fat or oil content, including all-natural soaps made of coconut or olive oil, leaves residues behind in pipes. When these residues cool, they harden or congeal.

Any debris in future wastewater, such as skin, food, or hair, sticks to the residues and builds up over time until it partially blocks the pipe, which can result in wastewater backups, pipe stress cracks, and serious leaks that can force owners to make emergency plumbing calls. Changing soap types and investing in drain strainers that collect debris can decrease these incidents.

Delays in Maintenance Service

Maintenance plumbing services are critical to preventing problems. Far too often, home or business owners refuse to invest in regular inspections and maintenance. They then see the warning signs of a serious problem and choose to delay professional services yet again. 

By the time a plumbing specialist visits on-site during an emergency call, these problems have most often turned into major leaks or flooding and serious property damage. This is why we always remind home and business owners that they have the power to prevent lengthy emergency repair disruptions and expenses.

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