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Why We Advise Professional Water Heater Maintenance

Most homeowners prefer to avoid the need for urgent water heater repair in Trinity, FL whenever possible. Fortunately, this is a goal that can be accomplished by reaching out to Tom Shell Plumbing about professional water heater maintenance. We go over some of the other reasons why we recommend taking this step below.

Well-Maintained Water Heaters Last Longer

While you can’t avoid water heater replacement entirely, it’s often possible to get more life out of a well-maintained water heater. We say this because experienced plumbing technicians typically take preventative steps such as checking the anode rod in traditional water heaters for signs of wear and making necessary adjustments to boost efficiency.

Professional Maintenance Helps Keep Warranties Valid

It’s common for a water heater installation to include a manufacturer’s warranty. Being diligent about professional maintenance is often one of the things you can do to keep this warranty valid. You may also be less tempted to tackle repairs yourself if experienced technicians are regularly checking your water heater, which further ensures your warranty will remain valid.

All Types of Water Heaters Benefit from Regular Maintenance

The aim with professional upkeep and maintenance is to spot potential issues early and be sure that all parts are working as intended. This is why regular maintenance can be beneficial whether you have a conventional or tankless water heater. 

Tom Shell Plumbing is your trusted and reliable source for water heater services, including routine checkups. We’re equally prepared to address emergency needs and discuss replacement or new installation options.

Contact a plumber in Trinity, FL from our local team today to find out more about our options or if you need water heater maintenance. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form. We look forward to working with you in addressing your water heater needs.

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