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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Water Heater Repair

When it comes to problematic water heaters in your home or business, even a little delay can be costly. Whether you have a tankless water heater or a tanked type, you need every single component to be functional to ensure the system works properly.

The following are reasons faulty water heater components need immediate repairs.

Increased Bills

Each component of the water heater has to be in prime condition for it to operate efficiently and heat water fast. If one component turns faulty and you don’t schedule a water heater repair in Port Richey, FL, immediately, other components will have to work harder to heat the water. The harder the components work, the longer it takes to heat your water and the higher your energy consumption gets.

More Damage to Other Parts

Each part of your household water heater has its specific role. When one component turns faulty, other components are inevitably affected. This leads to faster wear and tear causing premature failure of the water heater. Contact water heater services immediately to repair faulty parts and avoid further costly damage or untimely heater failure.

Health Risks

Water leaks, and the health risks it poses, is another reason to get a water heater replacement sooner rather than later. When left unchecked, they can provide conditions for mold growth. Exposure to damp and moldy environments can lead to a variety of respiratory ailments. This is amplified even more if members of your household are afflicted with asthma. Don’t wait until someone falls ill; act immediately!

Water heater repairs ought to be handled with utmost urgency to avoid further damaging the units and having to pay high utility bills. For water heater repairs that you can depend on, turn to Tom Shell Plumbing, the most trusted plumber in Port Richey, FL!

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