Plumbing Services from Your Plumber in New Port Richey, FL

Are you having issues that need plumbing services like clogged toilets and broken faucets? Perhaps you need an expert’s help with your bathroom and kitchen fixtures? Worry no more, a plumber in New Port Richey, FL, from Tom Shell Plumbing can help you out with all these issues and more. 

We are an excellent plumbing company that continuously aims to offer exceptional and professional plumbing services at any time. We also offer plumbing repairs.

General Plumbing Services

We repair and replace all top toilet brands, standard-height, round-front toilets, or comfort-height elongated. Our team can also unclog toilets, fix leaking p-traps, loose faucets, and replace basket strainers.

At Tom Shell Plumbing, we can carry out, repair, or replace all kitchen and bathroom faucets. You may undergo a high cost of wasted water bills if your household has dripping and leaking faucets. We are here to help you avoid such unnecessary expenses. We can repair and replace any sink or faucet in any part of your household. We can also repair or replace any leaky faucets, clogged sinks, and worn-out parts.

We also install various types of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We can work on handicapped bathrooms like grab bars for showers, bathtubs, and toilets. Apart from that, we can help with the installation of new garbage disposals in your kitchen.

Our plumbing experts can also clean and service all drains, ranging from cast-iron to PVC for your washing machine, toilet, kitchen, sewer lines, sinks, and dishwashing machines. Let a plumber from our team take care of all types of fixture services that you might need.

Faucets are among the essential bathroom accessories. They are used to provide water meant for different bathroom purposes like bathing, washing face, cleaning teeth, general washing, and other various bathroom requirements. To help you understand the structure of a faucet, let’s start with the faucet handle. Many faucets have a handle used to control and regulate the water flowing through the faucet. Usually, water from faucet either starts or stops on rotating the faucet handle. Bathroom faucets are among the essential parts of the bathroom since they play a significant role in controlling water flow in both the houses, offices and other places.

Rely on a Plumber

We are a trusted and professional plumbing company. We offer plumbing repairs at a fair price. Best of all, we ensure prompt and effective services. We highly advise against relying on DIY solutions, as these can only lead to further and worse damage in the end.

Tom Shell Plumbing can also take care of:

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