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Water Heater Repair in Odessa, FL

No hot water means serious trouble for residents needing a plumber in our area. Don’t let a water heater problem cause the family to suffer. We are the plumbing company to take care of your water heater repair in Odessa, FL. Our staff is composed of the best individuals in the plumbing and heating industry. Tom Shell Plumbing has been the top plumbing company in the local area for years.

We Provide Water Heater Repair for All Types of Units

A tankless water heater has many advantages over traditional designs. A homeowner won’t need as much space to store all the components involved with the system. It heats the water without the need for a storage tank that traditional systems use. The tankless models are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly for the environment.

Tankless heaters allow homeowners the ability to furnish hot water to large families without running out of hot water. Some homeowners have two tankless heaters in the same house to make sure everyone has hot water. These systems heat water on-demand when the faucet is turned on. Contact our team to provide water heater services today and learn more about upgrading the present water heater in the home.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Sediment buildup inside the plumbing lines and tank reservoir will eventually cause the water heater to burst. The age of the tank has a lot to do with the problem. Hard water is a leading issue with tanks building mineral deposits at the bottom. The minerals and heavy metals settle inside the tank. Hot water expands inside the tank with the buildup to cause leaks from the pressure.

This is the leading reason it needs routine maintenance to flush out the system. A lot of homeowners ignore having annual service for the water heater that means they will contact us for a new water heater installation.

A simple call to us can extend the life of a water heater. Routine maintenance is important for all plumbing fixtures and appliances inside the home. It will cost more money for a new water heater installation than an annual checkup. Our water heater services are always available for homeowners that want to know more about how we can help them with water heater problems.

Traditional water heaters use storage tanks to heat the water supply with either electricity or fuel. An electrical system heats the water inside the storage reservoir with heating elements that warm up from electricity. When one of them fails, the water won’t heat to the desired temperature setting.

Natural gas or propane-fueled water heaters can stop working because of a broken thermocouple or bad gas valve. The heater can stop operating with problems from the burner. Sediment inside the tank can prevent it from working properly. Obstructions inside the gas line supply can prevent it from functioning. A pilot light problem will prevent it from operating.

Don’t try to attempt to repair any type of water heater system without the knowledge to do the job. Contact us to let our technicians solve water heater problems. Our staff can repair or do a water heater replacement for an old unit. We also specialize in:

Call Us for Water Heater Repair

Contact us for plumbing services or water heater repair in Odessa FL. Our staff can install a tankless water heater for anyone around the surrounding area that wants an on-demand system. We can do a water heater replacement for any homeowner that wants the same system installed. Our company does all repairs and plumbing services for homeowners in the area. Call us today or fill out the online form to reach a plumber in Odessa, FL, from Tom Shell Plumbing.

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