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Water Heater Repair in Trinity, FL

Your water heater is giving you problems, and now you are searching for a solution. You do rely on it through your daily life, and things have come to a grinding halt. You have a harder time cooking, bathing, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, and more. Now you need to find a plumber in Trinity, FL, to get this fixed now.

While many people attempt to fix some things themselves, more often than not they end with a call to a professional plumber for help. Contact Tom Shell Plumbing when it comes to water heater repair in Trinity, FL.

You May Need a Water Heater Repair

Take a deep breath, you may not need a new water heater. Sometimes catastrophic failures do happen, and you will need to look at replacing it. When this happens, you may want to look at a tankless water heater and see if that may be a good option.

However, no one really wants the headache of dealing with a water heater replacement. But it seems so simple that some people decide to attempt it on their own. While there are a lot of great tutorial videos to help you see how to do it, there is a lot to the process inexperienced people miss that causes additional damage or personal injury.

When you think about water heater services, you need to consider draining and removing the old unit, bringing in the new unit without damaging it, upgrading the plumbing and electrical to meet current building codes, and testing for leaks. 

When To Seek Water Heater Repair

You will usually get some warning before a catastrophic failure. If you pay attention to these signs you may be able to avoid having to deal with a new water heater replacement and rely on Tom Shell Plumbing to ensure effective water heater repair:

  1. Metallic tasting hot water
  2. Loud noises from your unit
  3. Leaking or pooling water near your unit
  4. Rusty colored hot water
  5. Low hot water pressure
  6. Taking longer than normal to warm up
  7. Lukewarm water

If you experience any of these, call for an experienced plumber at Tom Shell Plumbing. In many cases, our water heater services can resolve issues before the end of the service life of your current unit. If you are dealing with an aging water heater, we can explore whether a tankless water heater may be a better option for you.

Apart from water heater services, we provide these other services in the local area:

Contact Us for Water Heater Repair

When you need your water heater replaced or repaired, you want to know you can trust the company you call. Tom Shell has been providing water heater repair in Trinity FL for over 35 years. Being the youngest person to earn the master plumber license at the age of 26, Tom has been sought by many for his expertise. As a result, the team was featured on the nationally televised Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Even with this recognition, Tom believes that everyone should be able to afford quality plumbing services. Give the team a call to schedule your water heater services today. You may also fill out the form on this site to schedule your appointment. We provide water heater installation and repair in Trinity, FL, as well as in these locations:

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